A old approach to solving a problem that you never knew you had

About BinaryScript

BinaryScript is a remarkable step in scripting. Taking lessons learnt over the first 20 years of the computing revolution and long forgotten, BinaryScript rebuilds the impenatrable wall of complexity relied on by computing professionals the world over.

The key to BinaryScript is its one-way nature for all but the most accomplished savants. Dabblers will be discouraged by the seemingly meaningless strings of 0s and 1s while true professionals will immediately be able to turn up their noses with an air of smug superiority.

Generating BinaryScript is deceptively simple. Feed any text-based program, script or markup into the comprehensive BS-Inator and in no-time at all you will have a page of synactically complete BS.

Additional tooling, on the other hand, has been deliberately ommited. Inexperienced BSers will stuggle, for example, with the Binary Script Object Definition, but for long-time developers this will seem compleletly familiar.


We've got some great ideas in the BS Roadmap.